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VirtualBox has been delivering features like copy-on-write, guest snapshots, shared folders, checkpointing, live migration, and multi-host networking since it was first released. Recently, we’ve been focusing a lot of attention on improving performance, notably through better hardware and multi-core support.

VirtualBox 6.1 gives users the ability to export existing guest images as VHD files. These VHDs can be imported into future VirtualBox sessions, so users don’t need to rebuild their virtual machines or download a whole new copy every time.

Finally, the creation of Windows images is greatly simplified. For that, Microsoft Enterprise editions of Windows 10 only need to be installed in a VirtualBox virtual machine. Once the installation has completed, the virtual machine can be built just as it would normally be.

VirtualBox 6.1 supports spinning up a new virtual machine from an image stored on a CD or DVD, or from a network share, or from the Web, so that it doesn’t need a new DVD or CD. The VDI format is available on CDs and DVDs or even within a VHD file, making it easy for IT Administrators to package virtual machines for deployment.

VirtualBox Serial Key 6.1 also allows guests to export their state as an OVA file to be imported into another VirtualBox server. This is a great way to have a copy of a guest and its configuration in a separate location or to run a backup copy of a guest for testing and debugging purposes.

VirtualBox 6.1 features VMDK files and libraries that allow the deployment of virtual machines built from individual virtual disks (VMDKs). VHD and VDI file formats are available to store virtual machine images. Using VHD or VDI file formats will drastically reduce the time required to create a new guest image, even if the configuration of the guest is the same.

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VirtualBox is an easy-to-use virtualization product that allows users to develop, test, and run operating systems on their machines. VirtualBox manages the entire virtualization environment in a single, easy-to-manage interface and has configuration management features that make it easy to distribute virtual machines and applications to other users. VirtualBox also has the ability to create both standard and Linux containers, which are designed to make it easy to package one or more applications in a single container.

VirtualBox is the world’s most popular open source virtual machine software and provides secure virtualization for both x86 and x86_64 hosts. VirtualBox is free and Open Source, the source code is available freely and distributed under GPL. VirtualBox is used by companies in various industries, including broadcasters, software vendors, financial services companies and educational organizations. It also powers the Smart TV application development and architecture for the Linux platform.

VirtualBox is a universal hypervisor, capable of running Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. The best part about VirtualBox is that it will “play nice” with any operating system you run it on, so long as it is supported. The only operating system requirements are that the host system must be running Windows or Mac OS X and that the guest operating system be an OSE (Oracle Solaris Express) release. VirtualBox supports Android-based tablets and mobile devices as well as many different hardware platforms. The popular Linux operating systems, FreeBSD and OpenBSD as well as many other operating systems have been tested. VirtualBox is also able to support multi-processing environments, multiple CPUs and various memory configurations. VirtualBox can also speed up system throughput of your computing environment by up to 10 times. The performance of VirtualBox is very impressive.

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What is VirtualBox good for?

What is VirtualBox good for?

VirtualBox makes booting Windows seem like a chore. When Windows is running, it shows no Windows desktop except a very narrow sliver of the Windows app. The only way to get around this is to close the VirtualBox window.

I recommend VMware Fusion over Parallels and VirtualBox. VMware Fusion is easier to use than Parallels or VirtualBox, and you can create a new virtual machine without any in-depth configuration.

VirtualBox is free and easy to use. There are no in-depth configuration steps, and no extensive downloads are needed to create a virtual machine. When you’re ready to run Linux or Windows XP, Vista or 7 on your Mac, VirtualBox is a good choice.

One of the most useful features of VMware is that it allows you to make the Windows guest system in a virtual machine look like another hardware machine, including making the virtual machine look like a Windows PC with a monitor and video card. This is great when you are trying to debug hardware problems with an application or operating system. The vmware-guestd utility can be used to make your VMware system look like any other Windows computer. You can’t do this with VirtualBox, although you can see the host Windows machine remotely.

Currently, there is no way to export VMs from VirtualBox to VMware. You can move them to another virtual machine and then back again, but this is rather cumbersome, and it won’t result in a perfect copy of the VM from the point of view of the host Windows system. A VirtualBox feature that could be ported to VMware would be what is called “Snapshots.” This feature is sort of like Google’s Chrome “Save As,” which makes a copy of a web page exactly as it was at the time of the snapshot. VirtualBox snapshots allow you to make copies of a guest operating system that look like the original copy of the OS. This would be perfect for a Windows VM that you’d like to clone for deployment to other systems. Right now, VMware has this functionality built in to Fusion, and I suspect that VirtualBox will catch up soon.

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VirtualBox Features

  • Seamless guest support for several Linux systems including Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Debian and CentOS.
  • RDC (Remote Desktop Protocol) client, and VNC client for remote desktop.
  • vMDK disk format driver.
  • Extended File System (ext2/3/4)
  • BeOS support

What’s new in VirtualBox

  • Improved hardware compatibility for virtual hard disks
  • Increase performance and reliability of clipboard
  • New tool for converting VirtualBox to OVF format
  • Better Video Codecs support for streaming media
  • New Audio Codecs support for streaming media
  • Simplified support for various USB devices
  • Easier management of virtual machines and virtual disk files
  • Increase desktop integration and ease of use
  • Extendable features to support new virtual machine features

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