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As Ive said in my previous reviews, my training as a photo retoucher is on the wane and Ive moved more towards digital manipulation. I still use a lot of Lightroom, and I try to edit every photo I shoot, but it does get a bit stale for me as a retoucher. Ive learned more about how to use Photoshop and Bridge and its more my speed. I can slap a filter on a photo in Lightroom and Im outta there.

In the end, Lightroom doesnt offer as much as Photoshop in terms of getting the most out of your photographs, but if youre an everyday photographer or just dabble in photo editing, Lightroom will certainly get the job done. It gives you a good degree of control over the look of your images, while making it easy to share them online, so yourent restricted to only one shot you might like, or you dont have to consider which photo youll crop.

The obvious downside to Lightroom is its cost. While the latest version is relatively inexpensive, the version released in early 2010 was around $450.00, compared with around $800.00 for Photoshop CS5 on the other side of the digital divide. You can, however, download the free Lightroom 3 from Adobe, as well as its presets, templates, and CC tools, which opens up an interesting avenue for a casual digital photographer. If you arent a professional photographer, you can still get a lot of photography done on a desktop computer for under $200, and free software, such as Camtasia Studio, can make video sharing a snap.

Best of all, Lightroom Classic CC, the latest version of the program, is totally free, with all the same features that other versions have, and no limitations.

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Lightroom Classic gives you the control to enhance your images and share them with others. It lets you perform many of the most common and complex editing tasks, like aligning images in a batch, or creating custom collections for projects and sharing your work online. Developed using the same award-winning technologies and advanced tools found in Lightroom 3, this new version continues to offer industry-standard editing capabilities through a streamlined interface, shared libraries, and a native location for file management.

Moreover, Lightroom has apps available for Android and iOS tablets. These are PhoneGap tools, which let you move your images to the devices and work on them with your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone. These tools look, sound, and feel as native apps, and they provide tremendous workflow improvements.

In addition to the automatic photo corrections, you can also edit your photo in a different manner. Thats what Lightroom is best at. You can blend multiple photos together to achieve one target. This will result in a picture that looks better than stitching multiple pictures together.

Lightroom has been compared to Photoshop. It has many features that are so unique that you just cant get those in Photoshop. Such as being able to edit RAW files and not having to worry about cumbersome preferences.

Ive gone through many reviews on these two software, but I still dont think that they can be called as the best RAW editing software out there. At best, I feel that Lightroom is a little better than Photoshop with RAW editing.

Lightroom has lots of tools that are unique to it. Color performance, masking, focus stacking, correcting red eyes, using layers, having presets (no matter what youre working on), and so much more. Ive tried several other editing tools, but Lightroom still reigns supreme.

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Who Uses Adobe Lightroom and Why Is It Important?

Who Uses Adobe Lightroom and Why Is It Important?

Lightroom has a lot to offer, including help that is detailed and extensive. It’s worth checking out the rest of our guide to get an idea of all of the tools that Lightroom has to offer. For more help with your first steps in Lightroom, we suggest starting with Lightroom Cheat Sheet , followed by The philosophy of use .

New in Lightroom 2, you can now zoom images in the Library module or in the Develop module. To zoom, just click, drag your mouse, or, if you need to zoom to a 100% view, press the Zoom toolbar button. You can go from 100% view back to 50% view in one easy click. This is much faster than zooming in and out in the image editing window. You can now zoom in to see more detail or zoom out to see more of your image. You can also zoom out so far that you can see the entire photo and move the tool to a different area of the photo.

When you place an image in the Timeline panel, Lightroom stores the metadata for that image as an XMP file. This means that you don’t need to choose an image size when you save a photo to a disc. Instead, you can view the full metadata for that image when you have it open in the Library module or in the browser window.

Lightroom was designed to be extremely easy to use. Just click an image and it opens in the program where you can edit it as needed. While you can customize the look and feel of Lightroom, the best option is to leave it alone. This is especially true for first time Lightroom users, since you can change all of the looks later. If you do change the appearance of Lightroom, the changes will remain the same for all images in your catalog.

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Adobe Lightroom System Requirements

Adobe Lightroom System Requirements

  • OS X 10.9.5 or later
  • Power Mac G5 or Power Mac G4
  • Power PC hardware running at 2GHz or faster
  • 1GB of memory
  • 2GB of disk space

What’s new in Adobe Lightroom

What's new in Adobe Lightroom

  • Lightroom 4.5 now supports the RAW+DNG file format. Upgraded Lightroom users can import RAW+DNG files from all cameras and can also open and manage existing RAW+DNG files, even if they were created before Lightroom 4.5 was available. For more information, see RAW support in Lightroom.
  • Lightroom 4.5 lets you skip/pause a video sequence within a video project. When you play/watch the sequence, Lightroom automatically resumes it from the point you stopped it. This can help when you want to view the video on multiple devices or you’re editing the same video files on different computers.
  • We released a version of Adobe Character Map for Creative Cloud customers. Character Map creates layered vector art from a variety of source materials to produce impressive characters for logos, posters, headlines, or other types of text, and it even handles graphics (such as a super hero’s costume) that normally would be lost on a digital background.

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